Projects Undertaken:

  • Semi batch Membrane Separation for process treatment of industrial effluents experiments,model and optimal control co-ordinated by Dr.S.Sundaramoorthy, funded by AICTE,New Delhi (13.6 lakhs)

  • Design of Crude Switch Controllers(MOU)co-ordinated by Dr.S.Sundramoorthy funded by Honeywell Technology Solutions Ltd.,Bangalore (3.3 lakhs)

  • Removal and recovery of toxic contaminents from Waste Water by Reverse Osmosis co-ordinated by Dr.G.Srinivasan funded by AICTE,New Delhi (4.85 lakhs)

  • Petroleum Products Testing Lab,co-ordinated by Dr.R.Sridar,funded by DCS and CA,Govt. of Puducherry (72 LAKHS)

  • Conferences/Workshops/Seminars/Lectures


    International Conference on Cleaner Technologies and Enviornmental Management(ICCTEM-2007), 7th August,2007

    Major Workshops

  • TEQUIP sponsored during STTP, Revrse Osmosis - Principles and Applications by Dr.S.Sundaramoorthy,Dr.G.Srinivasan ,17th to 21st June,2013

  • One Day Workshop on Membrane Technology in Water Management organised in collaboration with IIChE_PRC,2003

  • One Day Workshop on Energy Management organised in collaboration with IIChE_PrC,2003

  • Lectures
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