The Department houses 8 well equipped laboratories having a total of about 100 experiments covering all the core and some specialised areas of chemical engineering.

  • Transfer Operations Laboratory(Heat and Mass Transfer)

  • Momentum Transfer Laboratory

  • Mechanical Operations Laboratory

  • Process control and Simulation Lab

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab

  • Petroleum Products Testing Lab

  • Technical Analysis Laboratory

  • R&D Laboratory

  • Major Equipment and Facilities:

  • Pilot scale RO/UF Membrane Modules

  • Sieve tray and Packed Towers

  • Rotating Disc Contactors

  • Ion Exchange Unit

  • Rotary and Vaccum Driers

  • Cooling Tower

  • Double Pipe and Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

  • Packed Bed and Plate type Heat Exchangers

  • Vertical and Horizontal Condensers

  • Fluid flow characterisation through Coil and Fluidised Beds

  • Control Valve Characteristics

  • Computer Control of Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature

  • CSTR and PFR in series

  • Packed Bed Reactor

  • Plate and Frame filters and cyclone separators

  • Orsat and Haldane Apparatus

  • Accessory equipment such as Non-IBR Boiler (200 Kg/hr, 10 kg/cm2 )

  • Water Softner Unit

  • Air Compressor(500 LPM)

  • Fume Cupboard

  • Computing Facilities:

    A LAN of 15 P 4 nodes having specialized software packages caters exclusively to the computing needs of the Department